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If goal No. 1 for any event is for everyone to have a good time, goal No. 2 is probably making your event - whether it’s a wedding, sweet 16, quinceanera, or a bar or bat mitzvah on the horizon - one-of-a-kind. With so many members of the Jewish community coming of age every year, parents are racking their brains to make their child’s party just as special and unique as the guest of honor. The push for happy couples to take their nuptials to the next level has reached such epic proportions that entire television shows are dedicated to watching this exact drama unfold.

One way to show off your creativity and out-of-the-box event planning skills right out of the gate is to dazzle your guests with a unique sign-in activity. Gone are the days of the go-to guest book and feathered pen poised to greet guests as they eagerly make their way into the venue, which, let’s face it, are just destined to gather dust either in a box of keepsakes or tucked away on a forgotten bookshelf somewhere anyway. These days, the party really starts when you walk in.

By including a sign-in activity to your event, guests are greeted with something exciting and different, getting the party under way as soon as they step foot in the door. Board-after-board pinned on Pinterest offers up exciting, innovative ideas to guest sign-ins, but I’ve gathered a few of my favorites here to help kickstart your creative side.

The puzzle piece. I love this one for two reasons. First of all, each partygoer is limited to the space of that single piece; meaning, there’s not a chance for that one especially wordy friend to overshare for all your friends and family to see. There’s room for a short, sweet note, and not much else. Secondly - the final product - the individual pieces of your life literally coming together to form the whole - you - is one powerfully visual metaphor.

Photo credit: The Missing Piece Puzzle Co.

A mirror or window. Markers are a mirror or window can make for some fun photos, as well as an attractive keepsake for years to come. This activity can work several ways. The easiest of which is to just provide a mirror and some permanent markers for your guests to sign and leave their words of inspiration. Another is to provide a window and some dry erase markers, as well as a camera, for your loved ones to doodle and pose and leave fun photographic mementos for you to cherish forever.

Photo credit: A Magic Moment

Wine corks. This one only applies to the of-age crowd, of course, but having your guests scrawl messages on the wine corks as they come available is a neat way to showcase exactly how much fun everyone had at your event. These can be displayed in your home and will surely inspire many “remember when” conversations when your guests come to visit.

Photo credit: marriage.com

Quilt squares. This one can be used for events of all kinds: showers, birthdays, weddings … anything, really. Just provide quilt squares and a permanent ink or paint source for each guest to share a memory, offer advice, or just leave their mark. Once sewn together, all your memories can either be displayed or used as a source of comfort and warmth just when you need it.

Photo credit: The Little Spoon Kitchen

Photobooth. Positioning a photobooth inside the door will get the fun started early as your guests can show your their crazy, silly sides with props, faces, and friends. It helps to have a display handy so they can leave pics behind for you with a message and an instant memory.

Photo credit: Mazel Moments

Now, keep in mind, this is just a teeny, tiny list to get your gears turning toward the perfect sign-in activity for your event. There are so many ideas to choose from inspiration is in no short supply; the bigger issue might be deciding which one - you can o

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