Your Online Wedding Album of

Your Guests’ Photos & Videos

What is Live Slideshow? 


      Live Slideshow is the easiest way to collect all the guests’ photos & videos in one place as well as show them live on a TV screen during the event. Live Slideshow works on iPhone, Android & Web apps to make sure you’ll never have to beg your friends for their photos again.


In just the past year, Live Slideshow has been chosen by more than 5,000 weddings in 1,000 US Cities & 40+ Countries.

1) Download Eversnap

Guests download Eversnap and enter the event's "Album Code".

2) Take Photos

Guest's photos taken through the app will be saved in one central online album.

3) View Live Slideshow

Photos will be shown live on the screen as they are being taken.

Live Slideshow of your Guests’ Photos

Essentials Package  


  • Unlimited albums (Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Reception)

  • Download album or order prints

  • 200 custom instruction cards 

  • Custom album code (e.g. AshleyAdam2013)

  • Lifetime storage

  • Watermark-free

  • Premium phone &     email support

Luxury Package 


  • Features of Essentials Package Plus:


Live Moderated Slideshow:

As your guests take photos during your wedding, the photos will be shown on the live slideshow as the wedding is happening. Our professional moderators digitally rehance, enhance and rotate each photo as appropriate. In addition, we make sure every photo is appropriate for your party 


Slideshow Equipment Rental: All inclusive setup and rental of high quality screen & projector.


**Dellwood Exclusive Package



Customize Your Experience:

  • Twitter/Instagram photo aggregation: We automatically add photos with your Twitter/Instagram hashtag to your album.


*inquire about pricing